Zumba Fitness is a dance based cardio workout that takes you on a musical world tour in 60 fun and fast minutes.
It can be a low, medium or high impact class – you choose your level from the choices given and how you feel on the night.

Abby is a fully insured & Certified Zumba instructor (since November 2016) and her husband dances alongside her.

The actual moves are kept simple, repetitive and optional. Abby will be the first one to say ‘its fine, do a different move’ if you’re not keen on the one shown!
These mixed level classes are suitable for everyone over 16yrs, men and women, regardless of ability. You come to class to learn and improve yourself over time.

What do I need?

  • Comfortable soft soled shoes/ trainers/ plimsoles
    • Comfortable clothing, thin layers, that you can move easily in and that make you feel good
    • Water Bottle
    • Sweatband – sorry no towels

How do I join in?

Spaces are limited and must be booked & paid in advance through Abby directly: zumbawithabbyd@gmail.com or 07901 597129 or 01747 850867

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