Spinning with Sally-Ann

Spinning is a type of aerobic exercise done by cycling indoors on a stationary ‘’spinning’’ bike.

In a class, the instructor will sit on a bike in front, facing a room full of people – each on their own bike.  The room is darkened, there are flashing disco lights, lasers, a fog machine and the music is LOUD to help motivate the exercisers!
While Spinning, students are able to set the resistance level on their bike themselves, which helps if a student finds that pedalling at a certain level is becoming too challenging.  It also allows students to ease off if they are not naturally inclined to push their athletic ability to its limits.

Using a stationary bike in a class is an excellent way to burn calories in an activity that does not require a great deal of co-ordination.

What do I need? 

  • Comfortable hard soled trainers or cycle shoes with cleats                            
  • Hand Towel                           
  • Water bottle                           
  • Well-fitting exercise clothing

You can call Sally on 07989 880370
or email s.lipop@yahoo.co.uk

Cost: £6 per class pay as you go

Spinning is a popular activity so booking in advance is essential!