Boxercise® – Beneficial for Health

A Boxercise class can incorporate many components, depending on the strengths and personality of the Boxercise Instructor taking the class. So every class is different and exciting.

One of the favourite class formats is a circuit style class including boxing style stations, such as the Focus Pads, Punch Bag, Skipping Ropes, Medicine Ball and other more general exercises found in a good circuit class.

Focus Pads are the closest you’ll ever get to hitting your partner for real, often used by personal trainers as the intensity of the workout can be varied from beginner to advanced. The pads allow the Boxercise Instructor one-to one contact with each person in their class every time!

Working the punchbag, a major component of any boxer’s regimen, combines cardio work, strength training, timing, balance and boxing skills into one fitness activity. Hitting the bag is a fast high rep workout that builds muscular endurance as well as strength. Hitting a heavy bag is similar to weight training in principle, because it offers resistance.

Another favourite is the Boxercise Aerobics format. This uses power moves to punch up your heart rate. Every hook and jab puts your rectus abdominis, obliques and lower back to work. Simply punching works the biceps, triceps and deltoids to give that upper body a toned look.

Boxercise is the latest and best exercise to empower women and get men back into the studio.

The workout uses the entire body. Cardiovascularly you burn more calories in an hour than using a stairclimber. You use your whole body your arms, your legs and the time flies as you work on body movement, agility and momentum. Correct technique takes practice and good instruction. Soon you’ll become more comfortable with the punches enabling you to punch faster and burn even more calories. If you stick with the Boxercise workout you’ll get cut, you’ll get definition, but you won’t gain bulk. Boxercise pulls all the pieces together. Hitting the bag can be a release for your aggression and anger, and it’s a phenomenal workout. Best of all, it’s fun and relatively inexpensive. So don’t just sit there – get your gloves on!

Please contact Roger before coming to Boxercise for the first time.

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Class cost £6 per class (1 hour) session.

7:30pm - 8:30pm