Nifty 50’s (ACND)

Age Concern North Dorset provides valuable services for older people in Sturminster Newton and the surrounding villages, helping to reduce social isolation and improve quality of life.

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to maintain independence and ensure we stay steady on our feet and reduce balance problems.

Activities that improve muscle strength in our legs, arms, back, shoulders and chest are particularly important as we get older. They can make it easier to get up out of a chair, and improve our posture, co-ordination and balance which reduces our risk of falling. Using the stairs frequently, rising to a standing position from a chair, walking, gardening, Tai Chi and dancing are great examples.

Balance exercises can be especially helpful if you have joint pain as they can help overcome stiffness, and activities which are weight-bearing will help keep your bones strong.

No booking is necessary, but please do feel free to contact Sally-Ann, or David Bacon on 01258 471463 with any questions.