Centre/Gym Users:

Following on from the Government’s announcement on this week, the Road-Map to recovery is going to stage 4 from the 19th July.  This will mean that we will no longer require the door to the Centre to be closed during our normal opening hours and you will no longer need to pre-book to use the gym.  For classes and clubs please contact the relevant class or club leader for their requirements.

One way entry system will be removed, all entry and exits will be now via the main front door. Changing rooms and showers will be reopened and available for use.

We will be returning the gym equipment to their original locations, and we will no longer have use of the Dance studio, as classes will be returning.  Gym members will be required to swipe their membership cards in the gym.  Please speak to Melanie or Roger if you do not have your membership card.

We will still request that precautions are taken, as Covid is still in circulation and people are still at risk.  Please use hand sanitiser when entering the Centre/Gym, wash hands when possible.  Please continue to clean equipment and help support us in maintaining a clean environment.  We will still be keeping the building as ventilated as practical, with open windows and doors.  If you wish to wear a face covering in the building, that is your choice, but it will not be a requirement.  We will not be refusing entry to the Centre for people that have not had vaccinations, as this is a personal choice and sometimes for medical reasons. 

We have a tough few months ahead of us, so we need to work together to maximise the use of the Centre, while keeping everyone safe.

Thank you for your support over the last 17 months and we look forward to returning to a more normal Leisure Centre.

July 14, 2021 Mel Fitzsimon No comments

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