‘Self Service’ now available for gym and rental users.
We are still trialling this so only have limited functionality at present but will be adding more in the coming weeks.

Self Service – What it offers

Any of our customers can:

See and amend any of their basic details and add a profile picture

Can see available gym sessions and the availability of the Sports Hall for the following 7 days

See any future bookings in their name

Quick access to helpful videos (‘How to’ videos coming soon!)

Gym Members (on a contract) can additionally:

Book or cancel gym sessions online* (*the system does not allow us to restrict the number of bookings per user however, we ask that members respect our policy of only 1 live booking at a time – staff will be monitoring this)

Rental Customers can also:

View open and historical invoices

How do I get access?

Please speak to Mel or Roger when you’re next in for a session, email hello@sturfit.org or phone 01258 471774 so we can verify we have a valid email address for you. A link will then be sent to the sign up page, once you have registered you need to visit this address https://7560.ezfacility.com/login to start using the service.

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