We are now able to start taking/resume gym memberships for existing clients!

Massive thanks and appreciation for everyone’s patience and understanding and to everyone who was able to keep their membership payments coming in during our period of closure – without these contributions we may not have had a centre to reopen. Our fab, wily/business savvy/crafty trustees managed to secure us some funding and grants which is really great, but that alone wouldn’t have seen us through. Please speak to Mel or Roger when you come back to the gym to discuss options for us to repay you.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back from tomorrow (Saturday 25th July). Hopefully, you will have already seen the information we have posted about our procedures for reopening, if not the main points are:

  • Sessions must be booked in advance by telephone, email or at previous session. They are 60 minute duration and are limited to 6 people per session. There is 15 minutes between sessions for cleaning.
  • Only one booking is allowed per person at a time. When you attend that booking you will then be able to book your next session. You can book any session that has availability within the next 7 days (eg if there is space the next day and you want to come again then you can book it)
  • There are no walk-ins. The centre will remain locked and access will be granted at the start of each session through the main door. At the end of the session you will leave by the fire exit.
  • Payment – two options now for payment. You can PAYG at £6 per session (same rate for all) or take one of our existing monthly options at the same rates as before.
  • No gym towels, showers or lockers. Please bring only what you need and keep it with you throughout.
  • No requirement for facemasks.

You can see in more detail on our blog and previous facebook posts.

Any questions or queries then please do give us a call at the centre on 01258 471774 or drop us an email to hello@sturfit.org and Mel or Roger will happily talk you through things.

Thanks Everyone, see you soon.

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