Users and Hirers of Sturfit have a responsibility for managing their own groups as a whole and adhering to the current guidelines relevant to their specific activity or sector.

Clubs and classes may return to their long term booked slots if the following is maintained:

  • Participant numbers in the club or class must allow for social distancing according to the latest government guidance.
  • Club or class leaders show their participants into the session area, ensuring that social distance is maintained, hands are washed or sanitised before and after the session,
  • All participants arrive dressed ready for the activity, as changing rooms and showers will be closed.
  • Participants must bring their own drinks bottles/containers, they can refill water from the water station, but this must be cleaned after use.
  • Club or class leaders need to take steps to avoid people needing to unduly raise their voices to each other.  Refrain from playing music that may encourage shouting. This is because of the potential for increased risk of transmission – particularly from aerosol and droplet transmission.
  • There is to be no hanging around in the reception area, once the Session has finished, participants will be shown where to exit the building and must do so immediately.
  • Club or class leaders must ensure that they are recording the necessary details for each session in line with NHS Track and Trace.  

Current guidance from Badminton England

Taken from:

Please ensure all players are familiar with the Badminton England Guidance.

Phase 2: Indoor badminton restarts – 25th July 2020

• Indoor badminton can restart from 25th July but, will look and feel different to ensure that play is safe.

• In general, only singles play will be permitted; the only exception where doubles is allowed is where each member of a pair comes from the same household

• There will be limited numbers allowed onto each court and into each sports hall

• Activity can take place in groups of people from different households as long as you follow the guidance on group sizes

• You can have more than one group in a hall, providing you are able to maintain social distancing within the space available. A group could, for example, be housed on one court and its surrounding run-off area or across more than one court

• Players can rotate within the group but social distancing must be maintained within this group. You cannot move groups within a session

• Venue specific restrictions will be in place and you will be responsible for ensuring you adhere to these.

• There will be strict equipment rules in place for rackets and guidance on the use of shuttles

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