Please see below a very comprehensive plan from our fab gym managers Mel and Roger.

Sturfit – reopening

We are very pleased to be able to announce that the centre is going to reopen, at least in part, from the 25th July 2020.

The centre will be resuming some of the clubs and group activities in line with the overall government guidelines as well as any sport/activity specific guidelines. Our procedures will be under constant review and adjusted as necessary as the guidance changes.

Coming to the centre – General information to help ensure safe environment for all:

  • There will be no walk-ins, all sessions will be pre-booked with your group leader or the gym staff accordingly
  • Please bring only the items you require with you and into the centre, keeping them with you at all times. Consider leaving items in your car or if you really need them at all.
  • Access will be granted through the main entrance at the start of your session and you will leave under direction through one of the fire exits – no immediate return.
  • Collection from and drop off to activities – please drop off and collect from the entrance/exit. Group leaders will control entry and exit for their participants only – spectators are not allowed, no exceptions.
  • Ad hoc bookings – we will not be able to take bookings for single badminton courts/table tennis tables and the like at this time.

Gym specific bookings

We are opening the gym on a pre-booked, Pay-As-You-Go 1 hour session basis for existing customers. At this time we are not able to offer inductions or take on new members, nor are we able to offer any of our pay monthly packages. This will be under constant review and as soon as we are able to, we will once again be able to offer these. For our members who had existing memberships at the time of lockdown and those who have kept their payments going (which is massively appreciated) these will still be available for your use once restrictions have eased enough for us to be able to do this. You will get all your accrued membership time back.

Sessions will be available to be booked for the following times commencing 25th July:

            Sat and Sun: 0800-0900, 0915-1015, 1030-1130, 1145-1245

            Mon – Fri AM: 0700-0800, 0815-0915, 0930-1030, 1045-1145, 1200-1300

            Mon – Fri PM: 1700-1800, 1815-1915, 1930-2030

To allow fair chance for all gym users to book a suitable session, bookings will only be allowed one at a time and 7 days ahead. You can book your next session as you finish your current session.


Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your session start time and wait outside the building maintaining current social distancing from others queueing. The gym staff will come and let you in at the start of the session and give you a quick brief on your first visit.


Contactless card/phone app payment is preferred but if this is not possible please bring the exact money for your session (£6).

Track and Trace

Government legislation means you will be required to provide us with contact information which we will store, along with your session dates and times for track and trace purposes – we must hold a 3-week rolling record at all times – this information will not be used for any other purpose nor passed on to any third party.


You will be provided with a spray bottle and cloth so that you can clean ALL equipment as you finish using it and prior to use if you wish – to be handed in at the end of your session to also be cleaned. The gym staff will be cleaning also, in between each session and throughout.

End of session

When you have finished/your session ends, you will exit the gym via the fire exit and down the stairs on the outside of the building – please make sure you take all your belongings as there is no immediate return

Other adjustments

  • We are suspending the gym towel service – please bring your own.
  • The dance studio is too small to host group activities for now so will be utilised to spread out some of the gym equipment.
  • There will be less equipment available – generally the smaller/less easy to clean items will not be available for use.

To make a booking

To make a booking for a gym session please telephone the centre on 01258 471774. A member of the gym staff will be there to take your bookings between 1000-1300 from Monday 20th until Friday 24th July and during opening times thereafter. If you are unable to call between these times then please email with your preferred session times and we will confirm by reply with your booking.


As sessions are so limited, if you find you cannot make your booked session then please let us know as soon as you can so that we can offer up the space to another gym user. Missed sessions may result in restrictions being placed on your next booking and you may still be charged.

Thank you everyone.

We look forward to welcoming you back


Chairman of the Trustees

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