Top 5 inexpensive at home fitness accessories that won’t break the bank or the storage space

Simple, basic items that you can easily add to your home workout routine to add a bit more variety and which will not break the bank or take up too much space. The links are to examples of the things I am talking about – I have not used these specific items.

Resistance bands

Fantastic bit of kit which can replicate almost any gym-based exercise. You get different band resistances ranging from light (easy to stretch) to heavy (much harder to stretch).  There are many different types and styles, below are a few examples.

Small loops – Small looped bands – These are most often used to band around your legs for exercises such as side steps, leg raises, squats and the pictured glute bridge. They can also be used to hook over a fixed item so you can do push/pull style exercises (may be a little range limited though).

Glute Bridge

Free bands

lightweight resistance bands (lengths rather than loops) – Generally much longer than the looped bands and they have free ends. These can be easily tied to any length loop so can be used in the same way as the small bands and are often used to assist with stretches. Pictured, it has been fed round a fixed object and used for a row exercise, working the back and biceps.

resistance bands

Tubes With handles – Resistance tubes with handles – For people preferring a more standard grip, this style comes with handles attached (similar to what you will have on normal gym equipment). Great for bicep curls (pictured above), shoulder press, shoulder raise.

Large band

Large pull-up assist bands – These are basically giant elastic bands and are really tough. The most common use is for the assisted pull up (pictured) hooking the band beneath your bent knee or under your foot.  

Large Pull-up assist Bands

Press up Bars

Most people will be familiar with the good-old press up. An excellent bodyweight exercise that will work the chest, triceps, shoulders, and abs. One of the things some people struggle with on the press up is the discomfort in the wrists due to having your whole bodyweight bearing down on them bending your hands back.  Using press up bars offers you a degree of wrist protection as you make a fist around the bar which is elevated from the ground, this keeps your wrist neutral/aligned with your forearm. They also offer an increased range/depth. Press up bars.

Press-up bars

Ab wheel

This will provide an awesome core challenge, you won’t need many reps to really feel the burn. Do this from your knees, ensure your hands stay in front of your shoulders and that your hips go forward with you as you roll out. Gently build up the distance you roll out, it’s the change of direction where you really feel it. Ab Wheel.

Ab Wheel

Med ball  

Recommended for its versatility (3-5kg would be ideal for most people as a starter). I prefer the basketball solid style rather than handled or soft rubbery ones as this enables you to roll and put pressure onto the ball. Some examples in the pictures but it can simply be used as something to hold onto to add extra weight when doing some exercises. Med ball.

Med Ball
Med Ball Squat

Jump Rope

A simple and fantastic way to add some cardio to a workout where space is limited. As well as getting your heart rate elevated, skipping is also a great deal of fun. It is easy to get started and then progression’s can include things such as the crossover and double-under. Skipping will help strengthen your calf muscles and improves the elasticity tendons and fascia in the lower leg as well as helping to improve your co-ordination.

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