Morning all 🙂

Here is the very lovely Karen Stokes who runs S.O.U.L. Kickboxing at Sturfit –

In this video Karen (Ma’am) who is a Black Belt 5th Degree by the way (scary 😲 ) is showing off a few of her very skilful moves. It looks complicated but you can get to do this too! Why do I know this? Well two of my own children have been attending classes for several years now and my youngest (who has just turned 13) is only 2 belts away from her own first black belt!

Karen has asked me to say that she would love to introduce you to the sport and becasue of this she is offering a FREE Zoom fitness class to all those who might be interested. Just comment below and let us know if you would like to have a go and attend a FREE class, and if we get enough interested people Karen will set it up!

So go on, give it a go, if nothing else it’s a great workout, I dare you! 😁

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