Fetcheveryone is “a growing community of runners, cyclists, and swimmers. We offer an awesome training log and analysis tools with no locked-out ‘premium’ features. Everything is free for everyone! Chat in our forum, find races and runners near you, get advice, play games, read blogs, measure routes – and much more!”

My highlights from the site are:

Training Log

When you start getting into the habit of training you may want to start logging what you are doing so that you can look back over what you have done when and identify any trends, progress (or lack of), etc so that you can modify your training accordingly. This is how I was first introduced to Fetcheveryone – to track my run training, racing and progress. It is very easy to use and the log can be used for any activity and data entered either manually, from file or from device such as Garmin, Polar, Suunto watches etc. I now use the log for all my activities – dog walks, strength training, rowing, cycling, swimming as well as my running.


Fetcheveryone hosts some great forums too, topics covering a vast range of subjects from training, nutrition, elite athletics, event specific forums. There is pretty much a forum for everything and if you find there isn’t then you can simply create a new one. The fetch community is a very friendly and supportive one – there’s always people happy to help you out and share advice and experience.


It’s a popular time at the moment to be exploring new paths and tracks for your walk/ jog, cycle and the like. There is a feature on the site where you can look for routes created by other users as well as being able to plot your own for either just for your personal use or to share with the community.

The Fetcheveryone founder, Ian Williams, is this week putting on a series of Zoom meetings/presentations to introduce people to the site and to explain some of the features. It’s certainly not essential to sit in on one of these but if you’ve had a look at the site and think it’s something of interest then it may be worth listening in for a bit more info.  To book onto one of the presentations https://www.fetcheveryone.com/zoom .

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