Morning All

Hope you all had a good weekend?

Okay, let’s get the week of to a good start, are you ready? ……

Here is Roger’s Home workout video Part 3.

What you will need to know to accompany this video is as follows –

Lateral Raises – holding light objects in each hand and with straight arms, raise the hands up to shoulder height, pause and lower again (may be done single sided)

Bicep curls – using dumbbells (or whatever objects you have) keep the elbow tucked in to your sides curl the weight up towards chest. Can be done together, alternately or single sided.

Star Jumps – crouch down to the floor making yourself nice and small before explosively pushing through the floor to jump up – fling the arms and legs out into a star shape and then back in before landing softly and going straight back into the next crouch.

In, out, up, down – using your object hold it at chest height, push out parallel to the floor and then bring it back in, then push directly upwards before bringing it back in

Glute bridge – lying on back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, push down through the feet and shoulders to bring your hips off the floor, squeezing the glutes and holding your abs tight making a straight line from shoulders to knees. If you can’t hold it long then do reps (drop the bottom down to the floor, pause and return). For more of a challenge try lifting one of your feet off the floor.

Enjoy 😊

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