Hello all

My name is Courtenay, I am one of the Sturfit Trustees and regular (morning) gym user. You may have seen me puffing away on one of the bikes – or more than likely chewing the fat, as they say, with my fellow users. Well and why not? Sturfit is a friendly place after all, is it not!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was wandering around the gym taking a few snaps on my phone for our instagram account when I wandered into the dance studio to take some pictures of the spin bikes etc. I happened to enter just before Sally-Ann‘s Step Class was to begin, and I was met with a few “oooh, a man!” and “are you joining us? We need a man!” (… ahem … to join the class, I hasten to add). So I jokingly said yes, of course, any time, why not; I mean, a little bit of fairy prancing around over a funny plastic step looks easy anyhow!

Fast forward a few weeks, and I enter the gym on Tuesday morning to partake of my regular workout only to be met by the lovely Sally Ann grinning from ear to ear and holding out a very bright pair of luminous pink leg warmers!
“See you later!” she said with a wink.
Oh boy, guess I’m in it then. Well, like I said before, a little prancing around with a few ladies for an hour, how bad can that be eh?

leg warmers optional

So later that day, back I came to the gym sporting one bright pink leg warmer in its correct place (my leg) the other on my (opposite side)  arm…always the fashionista me, ha!

Step class 101

Here we go…easy peasy.

Up went the music!

The move calls from Sally … rapid move calls!

Up went the pace!

And…. wow!

Okay, so keeping up with the moves for a newbie was tricky enough.
But the pace was NOT what I had expected, and it was full-on.
Seriously, this class is non-stop!
Oh, how wrong my perception was of this ‘oh-so-easy’ step class!
It’s genuinely a great aerobic work out, and I have to give my total respect to Sally Ann and the members of this class, because they kicked … well, everything!

Honestly, I had a real blast. It was so much fun, and a really great workout too. Will I be doing this class again? You bet! But next time I will be more prepared, and I will definitely not be taking it so lightly!

The only thing missing from this class, apart from me the other night of course, is fellas! Now come on guys, like me you might think this is a little gentle wafty class for girls only and not really the thing for big strong chaps.
Well you – like me – are so wrong; you will get a great workout, plus it’s loads of fun. So come on, give it a go – if I can, you can too.

Sally’s fab Step classes are at 6.15pm on a Tuesday evening in the dance studio … book now to claim your step!

Pink leg warmers are optional – but I dare you!


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