A recent study revealed that 75% of women want to exercise more – but we’re discouraged by our fear of being judged by others.
Obviously, we all like to pretend we’re immune to other’s opinions, but actually? We do care what people think we look like when we’re exercising –whether its knowing how to use a machine or wondering if they can see just how much our thighs wobble on the treadmill.

We all WANT to exercise more (and know we should!), but we’re all a bit concerned about being judged on our abilities, our appearance… and some of us are even concerned about the judgement we’ll get if we simply put ourselves first for a change.

I’m so glad to say that here at SturFit we’re huge fans of SportEngland’s #ThisGirlCan campaign – have you seen it?

I’m incredibly proud that SturFit gym is busy with both men AND women, and even more importantly we have all shapes, sizes and abilities. Best of all, I’m proud that over the last few years we’ve grown into a real community of support and warmth – some mornings feel more like a local coffee morning with the noise in the gym.
And we’d love you to join us! So here’s what we know we have that you’re looking for…

  • We’re Fun

Women aren’t delicate – I know you’re not afraid of a healthy muscle burn, or even of sweating & commitment (we’re designed to carry babies for 9mths and then deliver them, after all!). But fitness should be fun, and the gym is often filled with chatting and laughter. Come in with your mates, or brave a visit alone – you won’t spend your time staring awkwardly at the wall, I promise, and you just might make yourself a bunch of like-minded new friends of all ages.

  • Confidence

When you join the gym, we’ll run you through every bit of equipment and teach you how to use it. If you forget, that’s fine – we’ll show you again next week! If you’re ‘doing it wrong’ we won’t shout at you across the gym – but we might just meander over in your direction and offer a word or two of advice.

  • Support

I have a brilliant team of trainers – both men and women – who are all ready to help you reach your goals, whether you want to run a marathon or just shed a few pounds. Take that first step into the gym, and we’re here to hold your hand the rest of the way if you need us.

To get you started, we’re offering all new sign ups a massive £40 off their first three months unlimited access to the gym – just ask when you come in, or give me a call on 01258 471774


And as always, do get in touch if you have any questions at all.
Mel x

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