S.O.U.L. Kickboxing is an association that holds kickboxing classes in Dorset, South of England. We have many classes available which are open to everyone, all ages and abilities are welcome to come in and train with us.

The reasons people choose to train in martial arts are many, perhaps it is a personal spiritual journey or a fitness inspired decision. Here at S.O.U.L. KICKBOXING, we understand that each individual is different and ensure that our classes are tailored to whatever you are seeking to achieve. Take a look below, if any of these reason apply to you, join us to unlock your potential:  

  • I would like to learn self defence and keep myself safe
  • I want to improve and build my confidence
  • Give myself something to focus on just for me
  • I would like to get fit while having fun
  • Fulfil my sense of self achievement (whether you choose to grade or not as our gradings are optional)
  • I would like to motivate my family and do something together (we provide family discounts)
  • I want to be competitive and participate in tournaments and competitions
  • I would like to be apart of a community and meet new people

Contact: Karen Mayne
Mobile: 07710 238600
Email: karenjaynemayne@hotmail.co.uk